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Until a few years back, music in India paid so poorly that pursuing a musical career was suicidal. Happily, today things have improved. Vastly. These days, a DJ or a sound engineer can earn as much as mainstream professionals like doctors and engineers. Today music is in demand - in clubs, at events, in TV commercials, in films, in online channels, in TV programmes, etc. The result, of course, is that choosing to be a music engineer, a DJ or an RJ is now a valid career option that allows you to explore your full potential. Your passion (Music) can now also be your profession.
Themusic’scool offers professional courses in various streams within the music industry - DJ, VJ, RJ, Sound engineer or Audio Engineer.

We focus on giving students a well-rounded education by not only providing technical instruction but also offering the benefits of firsthand knowledge. We also offer useful pointers and tips on the industry and how it functions. We arm students with savvy ways and methods of breaking into the industry and achieving their careers' goals.

If you have music in your blood and have always dreamt of becoming a DJ, VJ, RJ, Sound engineer or Audio Engineer, if you wish to take up any of these disciplines as a serious career, we invite you to come visit our state of the art facility. We'll be happy to provide you with all the knowledge required to become a successful professional in the wonderful, magical world of music.




Our Courses will nuture your talent, sharpen your technical skills and teach you how to be successful in the music business.


Our internship programs will give you the first step into the industry, and bring you one step closer to you career goals.


We pride ourselves on having one of the most trained and experienced instructors in the field.


Themusic’scool is the first purpose built electronic music school in country with top of the line gear to match.


Themusic’scool is tied up with some of the leading pro brands in the country which lend to our certification process.


We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, So you can take the maximum benefit.


Out of state students can avail accommodation facilities with Themusic’scool


Clement Dsouza


    One of the top among India’s DJ’s. Three time winner of DMC India, south Zone. Winner Times Music War of the DJ. Voted best house DJ of India, Myfavdj.in. Nominated best House DJ’s in India 3 years running.
    Clement is one of India’s most Versatile DJ’s. He has played the big festivals, SUNBURN, SUPERSONIC as well exclusive parties for the like of PARIS HILTON across the world. His passions for music supported by his business acumen makes one of the most experienced DJs to be trained under.

Ganesh Ranganath


    A DJ and entrepreneur in the Bangalore Circuit for 18 years now, Ganesh know the business and how it really works. He single handedly handles 50 venues in Bangalore where he provides DJ’s and associated services. A rock star on the console and in the office there is no one in the city that knows this business better.

Jafar Al Qwasmi


    A DJ for more than 15 years in the Indian and International circuit. Jafar has been one of the purveyors in the Psychedelic Trance Scene. His numerous releases at worldwide acclaim for taste making for the genre he loves and supports.

Sean de Souza


    A Career in DJing spanning 10 Years, Partner at the Insomnia Pro School, Founding Partner at ILM Academy, Award Winning Product designer makes him one on the most experienced DJ trainers in the country. Sean is a successful first generation entrepreneur that chose to express his passion for music beyond the console.
    He has successfully mentored over a 1000+ students in the last ten years to achieve their music passions.

Nirajan Burke


    Self Taught Guitar and Keyboard Player, Niranjan is a regular musician in the Jazz and Blues circuit in Bangalore. In his off time, Niranjan has been a regular instructor teaching guitar at the the ILM Academy Bangalore and now the Music’s Foundations program at themusic’scool.

Iria Iglesias


    Masters in Business administration at the Desuto school of Business, San Sebastian with a specialization in strategic Management with over 5 years on experience in Real Estate, Fashion and retail.
    In her off time, she pursues her passion, she is a fast upcoming DJ & Producer in the Indian techno scene. She understand the subject and makes for the perfect person to guide you at themusic’scool

Sam Abraham

Electronic Music Production

    Voted top upcoming producer of the year, Rolling stone magazine and professionally trained at School for Audio engineer, Chennai.
    Sam is a regular DJ in the Bangalore scene and believes music needs to be felt.In his spare time he is a director in a private education company in Bangalore

Elisha Gladstone

Live Sound engineering Professional

    With over 13 years in the audio industry, professionally trained at the Ontario Institute of Audio recording technology. A freelance audio and studio engineer, bringing a wealth of international experience with him.
    If its music – He knows it and he know how it has to be reproduced. In his off time he is one of India’s best live engineers, lending his skills to the world of gospel music in India

Nishant John

Visual Jockey professional

    One of India’s finest VJs having worked with numerous festivals in India and abroad collaborating with DJs from around the world. He is known for his unique style and content with the most perfectly coinciding images, intertwined with right timing, beautiful light and multiple media forms + surfaces creating an almost dream-like surreal experience that anybody would do anything to witness and be part of. He is currently signed to the UnMute Agency roster and also runs his own studio called Ginsu, which specializes in Film-making, Animation & Design. He loves to travel and draws inspiration from pretty much everything around him.

Shine HVK


    Shine HVK has been a regular DJ in the Bangalore circuit for 8 years Now. Self taught, and hailing from a small town in Karnataka, he is proof that hard work does pays off.Today he promotes his own signature sound as well entertain varied audiences in Bangalore as a freelance DJ. A trained producer as well, he brings with him the hard lessons in his journey as a Professional DJ thus far.

Sree Kumar Gopinadhan

Live Sound Engineering Professional

    One of India’s Top sound professional. Headed sales for Electro Voice & QSC. Director at E&E Systems India Pvt. Ltd. One of India’s top System integration companies. Smaart Trained and Qualified – and owning one of the only companies to engineer, design and manufacture their own line of sound.
    Poncho is a first generation entrepreneur with an ear for great sound. It is this passion that drives him to reproduce perfect sound at various events and venues. He is also a champion motorcyclist in his off time.

Neil Chauhan

Radio Jockey Professional

    Neil Chauhan presently works with Radio One as Chief Marketing Manager – Key Projects and comes with 10-years’ experience in 94.3 Radio One, one of Bangalore’s iconic Bollywood Stations. Neil has successfully dabbled in Advertising and Sales in his previous stints. With his 10-years of Radio alone, Neil has interacted across all departments at the station and across stations and has developed a keen understanding of the working of a Radio station and its functions. And that offers him the required knowledge of the medium and a firm grasp over its functioning.

Abhijeet Hegde


    Aka weird sounding dude. Chances are that if you are from India his name might not ring a bell. His international releases have earned him critical acclaim in the progressive scene. He is one of India’s bright emerging talents in the Indian scene, watch out for him.



    The man needs no introduction! One of the most prolific producers in the country, every EDM heads know him and wants to be him. He understand the sweat and toil that goes into being a producer weather it is making music or getting it released on some of world’s top leaders.



    Nik is one of Bangalore’s most highly and hidden talented Musician. It all started for him in the year 2010 and since then it’s just no looking back for him, be it playing & mixing on decks or producing sounds in the studio. Building a reputation for himself in the small but very friendly club scene, he was soon acknowledged as one of Bangalore’s most skilful DJ´s.



    DJ Mash took Dj'ing as his career in 1997. He became India´s No.1 DJ after wining the ultimate DJ Championship by Submerge. Completed his Audio Engineering from SAE, Sydney 2002 and became a famous figure in the Australian´s dance music circuit. In 2007, he created his record label OMVEDA RECORDS, which is gaining tremendous response worldwide.


Electronic Music Production

    The man behind the project Braindrop, is a versatile trance music producer and one of India’s most popular exports to the electronic music world. Since his debut in 2004, he has extensively performed throughout Asia, Europe, North America, South America. He has released music on several compilations on various labels such as Omveda Records, Soundkraft Records, Shanti Jatra Music, and his very own label, Occulta Records. He has also been recently drafted as the Ambassador for the big online radio company MIXCLOUD for the trance category.


Learning the Ropes under Sean's intensive regime is what played a critical role in shaping my career. Apart from learning technique and playing the music I Love, he also taught me how the industry works that has helped shape my career."

Rishi Sippy DJ / Producer Modem Networks

"16 Years ago I was introduced to the exciting world of Electronic music. Today I see myself producing and performing. I feel very proud to have been under Sean's Unconditional Guidance ".

Vinayak^a DJ / Producer


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