• JBL professional
  • Native Instruments
  • Pioneer
  • Beyer Dynamics

The science of sound: amplitude and frequency

Introduction to system components, wiring and cabling

The Mixer, signal Flow, Levels and metering

Introduction to Audio Chain, Components and Parts

Speakers, speaker types, speaker Placement

Microphones and their uses, Microphone polar patterns, Common microphone placement techniques, reducing feedback issues

Audio Chain Limiters/ Compressors

Audio Chain: X-Over / Gain Structure

Types of effect: Reverb, delay, chorus etc.

Acoustics and sound absorption

Basic electrical theory, Load in, Set-up and sound check

Design a Sound set up and mix your first band

Sound set-ups, wiring Cabling, Power, Amplification

Stage Set up, Monitor mix,

Mixer, Signal Flow, Mix techniques

Spirirt m8 mixer



JBL 313 Microphone

Complete Line Array Audio System

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