• JBL professional
  • Native Instruments
  • Pioneer
  • Beyer Dynamics

Introduction to radio industry - Assignment

Introduction to the Radio Station – Personality, Target & Format

Assignment review

How to generate Content for a radio show

How to generate Segment Ideas

Introduction to radio sales

Introduction to radio marketing

On Air Segments - Assignment

Review of on air Segment Ideas

Personality development -1

Voice training - 1

Personality development - 2

Voice training -2

Studio visit

Music appreciation

Production Techniques

Script ad out / sweepers choosing effects while recording in the software

Scheduling Software -1

Scheduling Software - 2

Team Script presentation / on air show teasers and main links

Star interviews & real life stories

Collecting ground Bites

Assignment review

Your first demo radio show

Mac mini


Mackie MCU Pro

AKG Microphone

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